Bridal Shower Captions: If you’re the bride-to-be, you probably feel excited and nervous about your upcoming nuptials. If you’re a bridesmaid or guest, you’re likely looking forward to celebrating the bride and showering her with gifts. No matter your role, a bridal shower is a unique event that deserves to be documented on social media. If you cannot come up with the perfect caption for your bridal shower Instagram post, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. You can use our bridal shower captions, and these will indeed thirst your hunger for captions.

Bridal Shower Caption

I can’t keep calm. I’m getting married.

Sparks are going to fly at the wedding, but the magic starts at the bridal shower.

Eat, Drink, & Be Married.

Bridal Shower Captions

I’m so lucky to be surrounded by so much love.

Let’s pop the top. She’s tying the knot.

Wishing you all the best on your wedding day and in the many blissful years to come.

Thank you to everyone who made me feel like the luckiest bride-to-be!

May your marriage be filled with love, laughter and happiness!

A picture-perfect weekend with a picture-perfect bride!

It’s only the bridal shower and I’m already ugly crying.

Does this dress make me look like a Mrs?

We take our bridesmaid duties seriously.

The tans will fade, but the memories will last forever.

There’s something about a bridal shower that really has a ring to it.

This is just the first stepping stone; the best is yet to come in this long journey!

Showers of blessings and wishes for your bridal shower. Good luck!

Bridal Shower Captions for the Bride

Bridal shower time! Let’s get awkward. #brideshower

The dress may be white, but the bride is ready to party.

You’re invited! Please celebrate with us. #brideshower

I am going to miss being single in every sense except for this one.

It’s finally here! The big day, the big dress, the big party.

One step closer to being a Mrs.

Today’s forecast calls for bridal showers.

Showering this beautiful bride to be.

Bridal Shower Captions for the Bride

The party don’t start until the bride walks in.

Couldn’t get married without these people by my side.

The best is literally yet to come. X days ’til the wedding!

Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale.

It’s not what we have in our life, but who we have in our life that counts.

Best day ever… until the wedding, that is.

This is just the beginning of something beautiful.

First comes love, then comes marriage.

It’s a magical moment when two people say I do, I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

Let the wedding countdown begin.

You call it chaos we call it the bridal party.

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Bridal Shower Instagram Captions for a Bridesmaid

Bridesmaid for a day, but best friend for life.

I’m excited and I feel relaxed and I’m ready to partay!

I’m one of those people who has always been a bridesmaid.

A happy bridesmaid makes a happy bride.

When worst comes to worst, squad comes first.

Bridal Shower Instagram Captions for a Bridesmaid

Bridesmaids are never going to upstage the bride.

Together we made each other’s dreams come true. #MyBridesmaid.

Bridesmaids bring out the best in the bride on the wedding day.

The one with the endless supply of tissues and wipes.

Yeah, it’s always better when we’re together.

Just call me your bridesmaid. 😉

I’m proud to be a part of her #IDo crew!

The one where we became bridesmaids.

These tans will fade, but the memories will last a lifetime. #bridalshower

We’re so happy that we’re going to be part of your life as your bridesmaid 💕

It’s the girls who have the real fun.

Pop the bubbly, she’s getting a hubby!

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Bridal Shower Captions for Guests

A wedding is not just a day. It’s a lifetime of love.

Who doesn’t love a good bridal shower? Celebrate the bride-to-be!

Be a part of the celebration and wish her happy showering.

The best kind of celebration is a bridal shower.

We’re celebrating the beautiful bride-to-be.

Showering our beautiful bride-to-be.

Happy shower. Happy couple. Happy wishes.

Showering you with nothing but the best.

Bridal Shower Captions for Guests

After the “Yes,” before the “I do,” happy shower to you!

Showering you with a lifetime of happiness.

Here’s to love and laughter, and happily ever after.

Congratulations on finding your happily ever after! Sending you all my love.

If this is a preview for the wedding day, we aren’t ready.

Gifts, giggles, and all things bridal! Sharing in the love for the bride-to-be!

Congratulations on finding the one person you want to annoy for the rest of your life!

No one will ever be as entertained by us than us.

Congratulations on finding Mr. Right! Here’s to a happy, love-filled future together.

Showering this beautiful bride-to-be.

Some moments are nice, some are nicer, some are even worth writing about.

Congratulations on finding the one person you want to annoy for the rest of your life!

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