I Miss You Captions : Missing someone you love can give you a lonely feeling even in the crowd. When little or long distance tears you apart for one day or a few weeks and it can still feel like an eternity to you. There are many ways to tell your partner that you’re missing him/her right now. And posting your frown mood selfies or photos on Instagram or Facebook attaching with touchy miss you captions can be the best way to express your lonely state of mind. If you’re feeling lost without your loved one and you want to let him/her know that you’re badly thinking of him/her then you may use these miss you captions for your special someone.

Miss You Captions

If you’re looking for some best I miss you quotes to use as a caption for Instagram or Facebook post about the person you’re missing, this list can help you. Find the right words to express your feelings.

Do you feel that? Can you hear it? That is my heart, beating for you. I miss you.

What is the opposite of two? A lonely me, a lonely you.

Missing you could turn from pain to pleasure if I knew you were missing me too.

I miss you a little too much, a little too often, and a little more each and every day.

I keep myself busy with the things I do but every time I pause, I still think of you.

Missing someone and not being able to see them is the worst feeling ever.

I love you past the moon and miss you beyond the stars.


Time goes by a lot slower when you miss the one you love.

A night sky without the moon or the stars, is how I blank feel when you are afar. I miss you.

In French, you don’t really say “I miss you”, you say “Tu me manques” which means “You are missing from me.”

Missing you is like breathing… it just comes naturally.

I miss you Once, I miss you Still, I always Had, I always Will.

Sometimes I love you, sometimes I hate you, but there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t miss you.

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My eyes await your return. Please Come Back Soon. I miss you…!

Missing someone is a part of loving them. If you’re never apart, you’ll never really know how strong your love is.

I only miss you when I’m breathing.

Miss You Captions for Her

When you’re badly missing your girl then just tell her how much you’re craving to take her into your arms. Let her know that warm hugs and kisses are the only cure for your lonely heart. Try these miss you captions they could warm your heart!

Missing you comes in waves. Tonight I’m drowning.

You’re kinda, sorta, basically, pretty much always on my mind.

I miss you like an idiot misses the point.

Am I alive or am I dead? I really can’t see the difference when I miss you. Meet me soon sweetheart.

I get butterflies just thinking about the next time I’ll see you.

When I miss you, I don’t have to go far. I just have to look inside my heart because that’s where I’ll find you.

But I must admit I miss you quite terribly. The world is too quiet without you nearby.


I miss you so much that I am jealous of the people who get the chance to see you every day.

Not water, not air, not food… all I need are your hugs. I miss you.

Spending even one day without seeing you is like living a life without feeling happy. I miss you.

Someone asked me if I missed you. I didn’t answer. I just closed my eyes and walked away and whispered ‘so much’.

You have no idea how hard it is to force myself to stop thinking about you sometimes.

Come and kiss this pain away. I’m alone without you. I Miss You.

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My memory loves you; it asks about you all the time.

Missing someone is your heart’s way of reminding you that you love them.

Sometimes there is more magic in “I miss you” than in “I love you”.

Miss You Captions for Him

What is the best way to tell your guy that how much you’re missing him. Obviously, sending him some lonely photos of you with cute missing you captions to make him understand how your heart skips a beat every time when you think about him.

Every piece of me aches for you.

I wish I were kissing you instead of Missing You.

Drowning in your love is a death more beautiful than a life without it. I miss you.

Even if I spent the whole day with you, I will still miss you the second you leave.

One of your hugs would be nice right now.

When I miss you, I read our old conversations, smile like an idiot, listen to songs that remind me of you, then miss you more.

How vulnerable a turtle feel without its shell, is how I feel without your hugs. I miss you.


He kisses me as he misses me, even before I have to go.

If I had a single flower for every time I think of you, I could walk forever in my garden.

If you think missing me is hard, you should try missing you.

I pretend that I don’t care, But it makes me miss you more.

No matter what I say and what I do, there is not a single moment when I don’t think of you. I really miss you.

Yes, I’m thinking about you right now.

Missing you… is a feeling which is easy to get but difficult to handle.

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Have you ever missed someone so much you feel physically sick?

I wanna write ‘I miss you’ on a rock and throw at your face so you know how much it hurts to miss you.

I am not asking for a lot… all I want to do is hold your hand. I miss you.

I miss you captions on Instagram, funny banter on Facebook, cute pins on Pinterest, sweet short texts and romantic lines are the best way to tell your special one how much you’re missing him/her. Do whatever it takes to tell your love how much he/she means to you!