A Profile picture or a DP is the first thing that someone sees when they visit your profile. Surely, anyone would want to set their best photo as the profile picture or the DP. But pictures don’t often tell much about someone as the Caption for Profile Picture says. Just a photo can never reflect the personality or attitude that you own in real life. This is where the need for captions in your profile pictures comes in. Your profile picture may well be the nicest and coolest picture on earth but when you add some best captions there, it’s from another planet. You can never believe how much you can express with just a few words. Your friends will be amazed by these words instantly. Check out some of the short captions for a profile picture, Best captions for DP and captions for your photos.

Short Caption for Profile Picture

A short caption can express a lot of things about you. We have here 10 short captions for your profile picture. Just have a look and choose the one that you think is most suited for your profile photo. Make your profile picture look incredibly amazing.

I play LIFE like a pro!

Let me burn you!

An image is never a picture.

Don’t fall in love. You’ll never be able to stand on your feet again.

profile photo captions

Nothing feels better than watching you burn.

I just can’t stop being awesome.

Life never gives me a chance to be sad.

I’ll be the most complicated course you ever wanted to graduate on.

I’m not rude. I just got to maintain an attitude proportional to my good look.

Being honest is the best you can offer to the world.

Best Captions for DP

Use suitable captions with your display picture and see the miracle. Your DP will never be the same when you use these captions with it. You are displaying yourself to the world with the best photo of yours, what else could match your needs without the best DP Captions for Facebook or Instagram?

I’m not perfect. I’m just better than you.

I’m too bright for your eyes.

I smile for my haters. They need it the most.

I don’t lose, I learn.

If taking selfies was an art, I’d be the Picasso of it.

profile selfie photo caption

Eyes will eventually reveal the soul to the world.

I’m the master of my domain.

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Tried to be good but realized, I’m the best!

Enough isn’t enough. I thrive for more.

I had a thousand options but I chose to be me.

Caption for Pictures of Me

Read these captions, pick the one you need and add them when you upload your photos to Facebook or Instagram. Be the first one among your friends to use these cute captions for pictures of yourself. Don’t feel shy, it’s alright to do showoff sometimes.

I keep calm and note those idiots who react haha to my photos.

I will be the never-ending adventure of your life.

My operating system is called ‘being strong’.

Nothing is more beautiful than a girl with a golden heart.

You can’t erase me. Pens don’t come with an eraser like pencils.


Denying your flaws doesn’t make you powerful. Accepting them does.

You are lucky I don’t charge you for seeing my pictures.

Know the face because I’m the next revolution.

I told you. You’d be crawling back to me someday.

Age doesn’t make you wise. Dealing with shit does.

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You can always make some captions for your profile pictures by yourself. Even if you want to use your own captions for your photos, you need to get some ideas of how these captions should be. Our effort is to help you not only in finding the right caption for you, but also give you the idea so you too can make up some cool captions for your photos.